Can A Tooth Knocked Out Of Position Be Restored?

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When you get a tooth knocked out of position, the possibility of it being restored depends on the severity of the condition. Check out several tooth restorations at

When you get a tooth knocked out of position, the possibility of it being restored depends on the severity of the condition. The chance of your tooth getting back in its original place is high if dental consultation is sought right away. If the tooth is out of position for a long time, the likelihood of it getting repaired gets lower. You can check out several tooth restorations at


What Causes Knocked Out Tooth?

The reason why knocked out tooth occurs varies on your lifestyle. A tooth can be knocked out by injuries caused by sports and accidents.  It also happens to people who experience assault, abuse, and physical attack. We can also acquire a knocked-out tooth due to our own fault like falling off the stairs or accidentally tripping over.

Sometimes, due to shock, we do not immediately realize that we already have a knocexperiencing knocked out toothked-out tooth. It can be determined by the following symptoms:

  • pain when chewing or biting
  • feeling feverish
  • facial swelling
  • bleeding gums
  • cuts around the lip

A knocked-out baby tooth on the other hand is a different issue. This is a common incident because babies are more susceptible to self-caused accidents. Losing a baby tooth can be frightening most especially for the parents, however, compared to a permanent tooth, baby teeth are not rooted deeply in the gums which makes a lesser risk of damage. Generally speaking, if the child is younger, the chance of them getting serious teeth damage is lower. As they age, their permanent teeth will start to emerge, and getting a knocked out teeth at an older age could result in malformation. In any case, it is still best to consult your dentist if injuries occur.


What To Do With A Knocked Out Tooth

Losing your permanent teeth could be worrisome, it could make you anxious and make yourself drown with multiple questions. In times like these, it is important to stay calm and know the right things to do when you have a knocked out of position tooth.

Firstly, compose yourself and try to pick up the knocked-out tooth by the crown (the surface part of your teeth). Locate the injured tooth immediately after the incident and be careful not to touch the root.

Second, use clean water to wash the tooth. Do not use any cleaning materials like soap or any chemicals. This might irritate your gums which can leave you uncomfortable.

Thirdly, put the tooth back to its original position, gently reposition the tooth on top of its root and slowly push it down to hold it in for as long as you can.

Fourth, make sure that your tooth is not getting dry. Drink a few sips of milk and control the flow of the liquid so it can moisturize the knocked-out tooth.

Lastly, see your dentist immediately. It is recommended that you visit the dentist within 30 minutes after the tooth displacement.

While you are waiting for your dental appointment, avoid eating hard to chew foods, and keep the tooth away from any oral activity.


Restoration Procedures

fixing displaced toothRestoring the displaced tooth will require minor dental surgery. Given that dental consultation is sought after right away, the dentist will be able to realign the tooth with the help of brackets and wires as soon as possible. After the treatment, the patient may need to have several dental appointments for follow-up checkups. Returning to the dentist who fixed your knocked-out tooth will help in determining if the tooth is actually healing and improving.

If the initial treatment did not work out, a root canal or worse, tooth extraction may be suggested to prevent further damage to the surrounding healthy teeth.

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