Best Dental Floss for Adults or Kids

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Brushing does a great job at getting those pearly white teeth but it won’t clean between the crevices leading to accumulation of small remnants of food in between the teeth. Dental flossing helps prevent bacterial build-up that might lead to tooth cavity.

To prevent this bacterial build-up you need to invest in a dental floss that will prevent tooth decay and possible gum disease. There is a wide range of dental floss in the market.

Of course, a frequent trip to the dentist can really help too.

To help you find the best dental floss, here are some suggestions:

Best Dental Floss


Flossers are in effect dental floss with a handle, some have picked on one end are appropriately called “floss picks.” Flossers come in different shapes and sizes, but the best is usually the one that is easier to hold and easier to use.

Flavored Dental Floss

This is a scented dental floss that comes in different flavors, it is ideal especially for children as it leaves a twinkling sensation in the mouth after use. It has two benefits it removes plaque and provides a refreshing breath after use.

Gentle Dental Floss

Emulate Homer, Floss every day. (Doh!)

The list of best dental floss wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the gentle dental floss; this floss is designed with soft less abrasive coatings that are ideal for those with sensitive tooth and gums.

Fluoride Coated Floss

Living in an area lacking fluoride infused water? This is the absolute best dental floss for you; it is coated with fluoride a chemical agent used for water fluoridation and for preventing tooth decay.

Tufted and Braided Super-floss

It is a regular diameter dental floss, with a stiffer end and a softer middle. It is ideal for those battling braces and bridges.

Waxed and Unwaxed Dental Floss

Waxed floss has a coating that makes it easier to floss teeth that are tightly spaced together. An unwaxed coat isn’t coated, it’s thinner and doesn’t have any flavor.
The best dental floss is the one that is easy-to-use, comfortable and enjoyable for both adults and kids.

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  1. Wow! There are many types of dental floss out there. I’m not so much familiar of dental flosses because I do not always use this. I’m more on using toothbrush and mouthwash. So I think, it’s better to start to use this to ensure my dental health.

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