How Can I Make My Tooth Extraction Heal Faster?

Alberto Lambert

Taking care of your oral health means so much for your overall body’s condition. Notably, people who have infections right after a dental implant or a tooth extraction can pose several risks for your teeth and gums. Individuals often ask, “how can I make my tooth extraction heal faster?” Dr David, an experienced dentist in Baulkham Hills suggests that patients should follow their dentist’s instructions carefully.… Read The Full Article

Causes and Treatment of Misaligned Teeth

Alberto Lambert

Misaligned teeth also referred to as malocclusion is the crooked lining of the teeth. In most cases, this condition has a number of effects such as how one smiles, the shape of the face and chewing problems.


This condition is commonly inherited but it has a number of other causes such as thumb sucking, prolonged use of bottle feeding during childhood, breathing through the mouth, poor dental care such as improper fitting of dental fillings, early loss of milk teeth, accidents/injuries that lead to misalignment of the jaw, gingivitis/gum disease is also a cause as well as tumors in the mouth.… Read The Full Article

Oral Anesthetic

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Before you can consider any of the oral anesthetics for your use, you should work closely with your doctor to make sure you enjoy maximum safety. There are different types of anesthetic that are available in the market hence you must be keen on the selection process.… Read The Full Article

Comprehensive dental care

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Comprehensive dental care means properly taking care of our mouth, jaws, and gums. The mouth is a very sensitive organ in our body. Therefore, it should be maintained well. This exercise applies to everybody including the younger ones. The best dentist should always be consulted for a regular dental examination.… Read The Full Article

Dental Bridge Problem

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A dental bridge is a device which, as its name suggests, bridges the gap between missing teeth. In order for the device to work, the teeth on either side of the gap, known as abutment teeth, are fitted with crowns which serve to hold either a false tooth or false teeth in place between them.… Read The Full Article