Can Bad Teeth Cause Stomach Problems

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of a toothache, you’ll know it’s frustrating, overwhelming and often self-conscious. Serious bites, crooked teeth, discoloration, overlapping teeth, and jaw misalignment are just some of the many problems people can encounter. Although some dental issues can be resolved outside the dentist’s chair, other problems require professional care. Continue reading the article to get the answer to the question can bad teeth cause stomach problems? Though some stomach problems may be caused by other issues like improper digestion, a previous medical tummy tuck procedure and a lot more to think about, it is always best to keep an open mind about this things and refer to a specialist to get a professional assistance.

One way to fix rotten teeth is to make personal dental care an integral part of your life. Regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwashes are a great way to solve some cosmetic dental problems. The use of these daily habits also prevents the formation of caries and decay. Gingivitis, or gingival disease, is one of the most common problems associated with bad teeth and can be avoided by proper maintenance of the teeth and gums through a regular dental program. If you have redness, swelling or bleeding after brushing your teeth, it is likely that you have gum disease or an abscess that must be treated by a dentist.

Discoloration can also be an aesthetic problem with your teeth. Drinking coffee, black tea and dark drinks can stain your teeth and eat your tooth enamel. Pharmacies offer relatively inexpensive whitening kits that can be applied to your teeth for a week or a month. Dentists can also provide a professional whitening treatment to eliminate discoloration. Also, various toothpaste and mouthwashes containing bleaching agents have been developed so that this process can be integrated into the daily dental routine. It has also been shown that home remedies like brushing bicarbonate or rinsing with lemon juice help whiten teeth.

Fixing bad teeth resulting from overbites, jaw misalignment or overcrowding (which can lead to crooked teeth) must be resolved by a dentist. In case of jaw misalignment, orthodontists are generally recommended. Orthodontic appliances, jaw surgery or other equipment, may be required to solve the client’s dental problems. Depending on the severity of the case, surgery may be needed to restore the jaw, realign the facial structure and restore the balance of the face.