Why Sports Dentistry Is Essential For Athletes

Sports dentistry primarily concerns protecting gums, teeth and hard or soft tissue in the mouth with well-fitted mouth protectors. However, this area of ​​dentistry is applicable not only to professional or school athletes but also to ordinary people who need specially designed mouth protection such as snoring. However, progress in sports dentistry is evident in professional sports, if the headgear already has mouth guards specifically designed to protect athletes from injury. If you’re looking for a professional who can provide this type of dental care and more,  a  family dental care in Ryde, NSW is just what you need.

Now in addition to the headgear, school administrators also require their students to wear face masks and another face, mouth and head protection equipment to prevent injury from accidents. The oral protection is not only designed to protect the teeth, but also to stabilize and protect the temporomandibular joint and protect it from strong blows. It also reduces soft tissue lesions such as gums, cheeks, and lips. sports dentistry

On the other hand, the protective mouthpiece is carefully manufactured according to the structure of the teeth of the athlete. As a rule, it is made of acrylic with inner layers of soft materials for comfort, and the outer layer is made of solid acrylic for protection. There is also a performance that increases the wear of the mouth that protects the jaws. These advanced protection devices improve optimal jaw alignment and are also seen as tools associated with a device for orthopedic mandibular positioning. Its primary goal is to increase strength by creating balance and adjusting the gap in the lower jaw.

However, sports dentistry also includes the treatment of trauma and injuries caused by sports accidents. This is not only to prevent these lesions but also for the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries associated with the joints of the mouth and jaw. Thus, for active people who love sports or even for those who are looking for adventure, it is better to talk to your dentist about mouth protection.