What are your missing tooth replacement options?

Do you have a missing tooth and this empty space in your mouth bothers you? In this article you will find what is the best option to replace a tooth that has been extracted. You will also find more information about tooth replacements in the new website of Dental Spot clinic.

A tooth can be missing because of various reasons:

  • after an accident; most of the times this is about a front tooth and usually happens in children who play around and hit their faces
  • after an unsuccessful root canal treatment; if after the root canal treatment the patient is still in pain or after many months pain appears again then the dentist will suggest to remove that teeth
  • due to periodontal disease
  • due to extended tooth decay
  • due to crowded teeth

Many people believe the only option that is available is to get a denture or a bridge. Both options are widely used and are usually preferred because they are affordable and the procedure is completed within a short period of time. But many people don’t really like the feeling of a denture or find the cleaning and flossing of bridges too time consuming.
missing tooth replacement options
What about a permanent solution that looks like natural?

That is dental implants! There is a surgical procedure which often sounds scary to some but the high quality and duration of tooth implants make them the perfect choice long term! People who get dental implant treatment, often say that it feels like a real tooth!


So, where do you get the tooth implants?

Can you go to your local dentist and get an implant treatment? General dentists can’t provide this treatment, you need to find a dental implant specialist. You can do some research online to find a specialized dental surgeon as well as find dental implant prices, and information about the procedure and what needs to be done after surgery.