Endosteal Implants – What Are The Benefits?

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Need to fix your smile and toothaches? Good thing there are dental implants to solve your concerns.

The procedure that fills the gap between the jawline and the teeth surgically. This process helps the oral health as they do not have to be affixed to other teeth, like bridges. In medical terms, tooth implants are metal posts or frames that are used to fix the artificial teeth/tooth with the jawbones with far safe and less paining surgery.

Dental implants can be beneficial because there are no adjacent teeth required to prepare or ground down the new replacement tooth or teeth in place. Ordinary gaps and dentures are simply not comfortable or even possible in some cases. Ordinary dental bridges should be attached to teeth on either side of space left by missing tooth.

So, here’s one type of dental implant; the Endosteal type.

Endosteal Implants


One of the major safe implants considered by Americans is Endosteal. Here the implants are directly made to jawbones. This process is been covered in two phases or sittings as they term. Wherein the second sitting of surgery needs to be done after the primary surgery. This attaches an artificial tooth or teeth on a bridge or denture.

There is one more implant termed Subperiosteal that is safe and used other than Endosteal. Here a metal frame is been affixed between the jawbone and the tooth/teeth.

Here are some benefits of acquiring dental implants: 

·  Can serve as a fountain of youth for the smile and the whole face

·  Safe way to keep the jawbones strong

·  Stops and reverses the bone weakness and loss

The implants can last for as long as 10 – 15 years of time. This surgery has the minimum of discomfort and pain. Once the artificial tooth/teeth are implanted, they will naturally grow strong with the jawbones and long-last. Also known as a long-term and cost-effective solution. It is the next best thing to your healthy and natural teeth.

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  1. Dental implants are the best thing today. It can help you build your confidence because you can show your great smile without worries. It feels like your own real teeth while having it.

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