How Nutrition Affects Your Teeth

Due to old dental practices as we get older we tend to get rid of the teeth. Teeth rot due to mouth bacteria; the deterioration eats through the enamel and after that exposes a nerve which causes pain. You go to the dentist to stop the pain as well as the professional pulls the tooth or perform a root canal process. A root canal removes the nerve and makes you have a dead tooth. Conversely, the dentist will often fill the tooth. Traditionally mercury has become the preferred medium for such fillings. Mercury can also be the second most poisonous substance known to man and this can be put into an area of the body that isn’t just close to the brain but in a region where the cellular membrane is at its thinnest. Mercury was replaced as a more affordable option to the gold manner in the nineteenth century. The metal forms a gas that not only poisons the system but sets up an electrical circuit in the mouth. Every tooth connects to a physiological organ. The mercury goes throughout the system and adversely impacts the organ in question. All this could cause enormous damage. Let us get back to basics and ask the important question, why?

Natural Diet and Dental Health

Firstly, this crude approach to oral hygiene may be avoided. In the 1930s the dentist Weston Price traveled the world examining the teeth and jaws of societies that have been removed from modern mainstream life. He went to the Polynesian islands as well as to distant villages in Switzerland, where he discovered that tooth decay was virtually unknown in individuals who ate a natural diet with hardly any sugar with no processed food. He came to the final outcome that a good diet was a prerequisite for dental health. He additionally found that infants who were breastfed had better teeth than those brought up on formula. His research revealed a nutritional strategy needs to follow a regimen high in fruit and vegetables. It needed some protein and whole grains. A diet in this way maintains the acid-alkaline body balance, which works to maintain the teeth throughout life.

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  1. Wow! Really? They use mercury as a filling for tooth back in the days? Do they know how poisonous that is?

  2. It has been proven that eating natural diet can contribute to maintain the healthy teeth. So, one great way to avoid problems on your teeth.

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