Can Dental Implants Make You Sick?

There are times when we encounter dental problems and the only option we are left with is to go for a dental implant. Over the past few years, DrHornsbyDental has proven this treatment effective in helping their patients rectify their dental problems. However, if the procedure is entrusted to someone that lacks expertise, certain problems may happen and many people tend to wonder how this can be possible.

Besides the possible lack of skills from the dentist, dental implants make you sick due to some other reasons. The common one is if your jaw bone cannot fuse to the implant. This can make you have a loose implant which will result in other complications. The other possible cause is when you apply excess pressure which may cause a fracture in the implant.

Can Dental Implants Make You Sick


How to know if your dental implant is making you sick?

Bad breath or bad taste. You do not have to experience pain to know that you are sick. Those who have a problem with their dental implants normally feel bad breath or even experience a bad taste with the meals that others claim to have a Good taste. This can continue even after you have brushed your mouth.

• Bleeding or pus. Sometimes dental implants can cause problems like bleeding and pus mostly around the areas where the implant is located. This may occur in your gums and as a matter of fact, you need to know that this is a sign of infection caused by the dental implant.

• Fever or pain. When a dental implant is causing problems in your body, then you will always feel pain and fever. This is a result of the defense mechanism by our body to fight bacteria in the affected area.

• Difficulty in chewing. If your implant was not perfectly fixed, then one problem you will have to put up with is difficulty in chewing. This is a big problem as you may not eat all the foods you like

• Swollen or red gums. Most people who suffer from dental implant infections normally experience swollen or red gums. This makes one be uncomfortable