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Despite the fact that highly durable materials make up a dental implant, they are not entirely impervious to damages. Chips and breaks may happen, which are the two most common forms of implant concerns. If you are thinking about maintaining your oral health, perhaps you wonder how much to repair a dental implant? Let this article guide you through the available dental implant repair options along with their costs.

Despite the fact that highly durable materials make up a dental implant, they are not entirely impervious to damages. Chips and breaks may happen, which are the two most common forms of implant concerns. If you are thinking about maintaining your oral health, perhaps you wonder how much to repair a dental implant? Let this article guide you through the available dental implant repair options along with their costs. Available Dental Care’s dentists in Campbelltown offers quality tooth replacement options. Check out their site to learn more.


Dental Implant: An Overview

A dental implant is a standard tooth replacement procedure to fix missing teeth. During dental implant surgery, the dentist carefully places the implant into the patient’s jawbone. Aside from showing a close resemblance to a natural tooth, a dental implant also has an artificial tooth root. This component helps keep the nerve and blood stimulation working, which is essential in maintaining the jaws’ overall structure. Afterwards, a dental crown is placed on top of the implant to complete the replacement process.



How Does an Implant Get Damaged?

If you’ve ever had a tooth extraction procedure, your dentist must’ve suggested several replacement procedures, including dental implant surgery. Since dental implants are known to be solid and durable, they rarely get damaged. Due to its high success rate, many people choose it as a permanent solution to replace their missing teeth.

However, not all dental implant restorations are the same. According to experts, a patient’s oral health status can play a significant role in the function and longevity of the dental implant.


Common Dental Implant Concerns

Like all prosthetic options, there is a possibility for a dental implant to deteriorate in time. Here are some concerns that you may encounter following dental implant surgery.


Chipping and Crack

Patients may experience some chipping and crack in their dental implants. This concern may be due to accidental injuries subjecting the implant to force. In some cases, implant damages can come from any of the following events:

  • Your mouth gets hit with a lot of force, especially near the area where tooth replacement is present.
  • You were in a motor vehicle accident where the mouth hits a hard surface.
  • There was a rigid object in your food that you accidentally chewed.
  • If you suffer from bruxism or nighttime teeth grinding.


Swollen or Discoloration of Soft Tissues

dental implant failureEven after dental implant surgery, an individual can experience periodontitis. This condition is a type of gum disease that can directly affect the area where tooth replacement occurs. Typically, this oral health condition progresses similarly to normal gum disease. Without the proper intervention, it can lead to a breakdown of supportive tissues, resulting in missing teeth permanently.

Early detection of soft tissue concerns is crucial to prevent these adverse effects. So, when you notice signs of inflamed, swollen, or red tissue around the implant site, it is best to visit your periodontist right away.


Pain or Discomfort

If you happen to feel pain and discomfort around the implant site that does not resolve, it can be a sign of an underlying infection. It is a severe implant problem that requires immediate treatment and repair. Depending on the dentist’s decision, the dental implant might need some repositioning to avoid further irritation of the affected nerves.


Shifting or Misalignment of Teeth

Another concern that requires immediate dental implant repair is when you notice problems in the positioning of your teeth. Improper placement of the dental implant causes pressure towards the adjacent teeth, changing your bite alignment. By visiting an orthodontist, you can receive cosmetic restorations to prevent further tooth extraction.


Loose Implants

When your dental implant fails to fuse and connect with your jawbone, there is a high possibility that it becomes loose. The osseointegration process is a vital aspect in maintaining the stability of your implant and its jawbones. If you happen to notice the loosening of your implant, it is best to contact your dentist right away. By doing so, you can prevent the progression of gum problems and structural impact on your jawbones.


Dental Implant Restoration Options

repairing dental implantsWhen signs of dental implant damages show, you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist as quickly as possible. If not, there will be a higher chance for the concern to become worse. Depending on the severity of your condition, the dentist might provide the following options for your consideration:


Dental Implant Repair

For minor concerns such as chipping and loose crowns, a dental implant can undergo damage repair. Your dentist will make use of specialised composite materials to perform all necessary restorations. This procedure will prevent further damages and concerns in the future.

To perform a dental implant repair, your dentist must first examine the area of concern. Afterwards, your dentist will discuss the scenario and explain possible repair procedures. These are non-invasive and will usually take only a single visit.


Dental Implant Replacement

If the extent of the damage seems more intense, a simple dental repair might not work. Replacing the implant altogether might be the only way to resolve your dental implant concerns. By doing so, you can regain the form and function necessary to improve the overall health of your teeth.

A dental implant replacement is an invasive procedure that requires surgery. During the treatment, the dentist will carefully remove the existing implant that causes the concern. You will need to recover from this treatment before your dentist can place the new implant. Once the jawbones completely heal, the new implant is attached.

The final phase of the dental implant replacement takes a few weeks after the procedure. This follow-up visit will allow the dentist to assess and evaluate for any presence of unusual symptoms.


How Much to Repair Dental Implant?

The dental implant repair cost depends on many factors. It can range in price starting from one thousand dollars up to three thousand dollars per implant. After conducting an initial examination, your dentist will let you know the problem and how extensive its restoration is. The tests include physical assessment and imaging scans to determine your jawbone density.

From this point, the dental costs will vary in addition to the following influences:


Dental Implant Materials

factors affecting implant costMost dental implants consist of titanium and ceramic. However, some patients may require unique materials due to allergic reactions and sensitivity. The materials for a dental implant significantly affect the repair cost, especially when the material is not a usual medium in the clinic.


Number of Dental Implant Repair

Repairing several dental implants will cost more than a single restoration procedure. Depending on your condition, you may also need to undergo configurations that would require more professional effort from your dentist.


Location of the Dental Implant

If you need any adjustments in your dental implant, it is vital to consider the angle and location of the area. Usually, dental clinics charge more for dental implants located in the front teeth as it demands more time and work. It requires matching the dental implant to the existing jawline to ensure that the patient’s smile will look great.


Additional Procedures

In some cases, a severely affected dental implant needs a complete replacement. If the existing implant is securely attached, the dentist needs to perform an extraction procedure. Of course, tooth extraction is a different treatment with an associated cost which will impact the overall fees for the dental implant repair.


Bone Health

Loose or misaligned dental implants that have been going on for years are more likely to result in bone loss. When the dental implants fail to attach within the jawbones securely, the structure can slowly deteriorate and cause instability.

A sufficient bone density must be present, which allows dental implant support and restores the implants. To do so, your dentist must perform the necessary bone grafting procedures. This treatment will lead to an additional cost and recovery time depending on the patient’s needs.


Patient’s Oral Health

oral status implant costPatients with existing oral infections may find it more challenging to have dental implants because of the high possibility of it failing. This factor is a significant concern, especially when the mouth has been severely traumatised or has undergone a previous infection. Some common problems include gum disease, abscesses, jaw infections, or root canal.

While it is still possible to place an implant even after a previous infection, it can add to the overall complexity of the procedure. Thus, the cost of implant repair or replacement can be a little higher.


Final Thoughts

If you’re experiencing concerns with your dental implants, it is best to consult with your dentist as soon as possible. In the same way, you can have an idea of how much your dental implant repair would cost. Depending on your current dental situation, several factors determine the total cost of your dental implant repair. By talking to the medical staff, you can have the opportunity to prepare for the expenses.

On the other hand, if you are worried about the cost of dental implant repairs, it is essential to know that there are many health care providers and financing services that can help you cover the upfront costs.

In conclusion, dental implants are an excellent choice over other tooth replacement options. Although the initial surgery would cost more, this treatment can last a lifetime, especially when it is well-cared. With proper maintenance and repair procedures, you will be able to save up more than what you’ve paid for.



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