Causes and effects of random tooth sensitivity

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In some cases, random tooth sensitivity can be experienced in the dental structure making it very difficult to tell which tooth will be affected next. Tooth sensitivity can be a great hindrance to the body especially when it comes to eating and consuming both hot and cold foods. This dentist in Bella Vista explains that when you suffer from such a condition, you will experience sharp and uncontrolled pain whenever the affected teeth come in direct contact with cold, acidic, hot and sugary food. Most of the sensitive teeth cases always begin as a minor nuisance and may grow to be worse making it impossible to even eat.

Causes of tooth sensitivity

The tear and wear of the enamel due to various reasons are the main causes of sensitive teeth. When there’s┬árandom tooth sensitivity the effects keep on fluctuating from one tooth to the other, this may translate to various problems within the dental structure. Some of the causes of tooth sensitivity that may get worse if not controlled include:

1.Random tooth decay

When the teeth experience random acidic environment on the enamel, it may easily breakdown leading to decay. Never overlook the impact of any sign of day since this could be a disaster in waiting hence you need to take the right measures. Work closely with your dentist to keep off bacteria and any possible cause of tooth decay that can make the teeth sensitive.

2.Random gum recession random tooth sensitivity

Even though the gum recession may take a long time to fully manifest and cause sensitivity of the teeth, it requires timely attention. This begins as redness and inflammation on the roots of all the teeth or just randomly. It may result in bleeding and exposing of the teeth roots making the affected teeth sensitive.

3.Frequent grinding of teeth

When you are a victim of teeth grinding, you may soon experience tooth sensitivity especially those where upper and lower teeth meet perfectly. Teeth grinding may affect the enamel and make the teeth sensitive as well as cause facial pain.

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