How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

So, after getting your dental implants done, you’re wondering, how to take care of dental implants? Good News! It’s not that difficult. Caring for your implants is just the same way you would your natural teeth. However, you should take proper care of them to ensure longevity.

The success of your dental surgery is highly dependent on how clean your mouth is. During cleaning, clean all your teeth normally using your toothbrush. During the first days after your surgery, you can avoid the surgery site, but gradually clean the area when pain and tenderness reduces.

Try as much as possible to avoid toothpaste that has abrasive ingredients such as baking soda. Baking soda removes the glaze on your costly dental implants.

Oral aids that can assist you during cleaning are such as, a soft electric brush or manual brush and a Tartar- control toothpaste. Additionally, a good dental floss comes in handy for cleaning the areas that surround the abutments.

Other supplies that may increase your healing process while preventing injections include antimicrobial washes and interdental brushes that assist in removal of plaque in between the implants.

Are you worried that there are some swellings or bruising? Don’t dismay. This is the case during the initial stages after your surgery. It may reach its peak 2-3 days after. The swelling will subside after some days. You can reduce swelling using some ice. Just wrap your ice packs or frozen peas with a towel and place it over the cheek area for not more than 10 minutes at a go. Take a 20 minutes break before you put your towel for the second time.

salt water gargle
Gargle Some Salt Water To Hasten The Healing Process

A hot salty mouthwash is important to aid your healing process. During the first week, gurgle some lukewarm salty water over the surgical area until it heals. Repeat this as often as possible. Please note that the water shouldn’t be too hot. You obviously don’t want your gums scald.

When eating, try to avoid food from getting to your implants. If foods get on your surgical site, no worries, rise your mouth up with some water after cleaning.

Smoking affects the healing process. It is advised that you avoid smoking during the initial stages of healing if you want a smooth recovery.

Your dental implants are made from synthetic materials. Therefore, it is unaffected by tooth decay. Your gum, however, is susceptible to infections. Schedule some visits to your dentists to monitor your progress and to maintain your gum health after the implants. Clean the surfaces below and above the gum-line to prevent any infections or peri-implant diseases.

Don’t get overwhelmed over the having dental implants. Taking care of them is easy, just ensure oral cleanliness by brushing or flossing. Good Luck!