Choosing the Right Dental Compressor

Dentists require compressed air for a wide range of applications from cleaning the teeth, powering the drills, and drying the fillings. This compressed air is provided by a dental compressor. There are a large variety of dental compressors available from different companies, with varying capacities and the dentist should select the right compressor for his practice depending on a number of factors. While the quality of the air produced is one of the main considerations while selecting the right compressor, other important factors which should be considered include the capacity, rating of the compressor, price, reliability and quality. You can find Cattani compressors for your dental clinic for a very reasonable cost.

One of the most important considerations while selecting a compressor is the quality of the air which is being provided by the compressor. It is important to ensure that the air is very clean and does not contain any kind of dirt. Earlier compressors were using oil, and it was not suitable for the cleaning the teeth since some of the oil would be deposited in the mouth of the client. The compressor manufacturer will specify the quality of the air which is produced by the compressor, and it is advisable to only purchase compressors which offer 100% oil free and pure air, without any dust and impurities. dental compressors

The compressor rating should be selected based on the capacity of the compressor required, the amount of compressed air which will be required. This depends on how many patients will be treated at a time. Usually the price of a compressor depends on its capacity and high capacity compressors are usually more expensive than smaller compressors. The large compressors also consume more power. It is also important to purchase a compressor whose manufacturer guarantees its reliability because sudden failure of the compressor can adversely affect the dentist, since failure of equipment will make it difficult to treat their patients properly.